A new fashion brand by the Israeli fashion designer Keren Buskila, launches a variety of fresh, quality and innovative debut collections

introducing a unique designs for dresses, robes, kimonos, vests, and shirts.

 The young designer Keren Buskila presents contrasts of shades and textures, combining high fashion with contemporary style,The fabrics are carefully selected with much emphasis on emotion and quality and provides an exciting and unique range of items and styles that are suitable for every day and place, focus on designing true couture clothing for clients who have very active social lives, but also hold important professional day jobs and are fashion-forward in their thinking.

The collection, which provides classic, up-to-date and exceptional items in a limited edition, presents an ideal solution for women with truly good taste. The items can be unique – without compromising on comfort, without compromising on quality, and designed for women who want to express themselves with a statement through clothing.

The items were designed and created while maintaining the highest standards and with strict quality control, professionalism and creative integration of quality and pleasant materials and cuttings, were carefully chosen by the designer to ensure that each item will look and feel – just as it should.

Keren Buskila
CEO / Founder